Month: July 2018

Top 5 Theatre Shows for a Date Night in London

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“Where to go for your date night?” That is always a very difficult question to answer, especially if you really want to impress someone or just to add that extra spark to your relationship. The theatre is always a great idea just to unwind and spend some quality time with your loved one. The theatre […]

Dating Pitfalls To Avoid

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Whilst your dating strategy should always focus on dating success, it’s still important to consider the obvious pitfalls. Unrealistic Expectations Instead of looking at your date as a potential life partner, on the 1st date, choose to view your date night as an enjoyable experience, whatever the outcome. Having unrealistic expectations about achieving a happy-ever-after […]

Dating Strategy – Frequency

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The Ideal Frequency Of Dates Mutual attraction and chemistry play a big part in the potential frequency of dates, especially at the initial stage. When two people hit it off, and intend to see each other again, both partners must be keen to see it through to the 2nd, 3rd and subsequent dates. Lack of […]

Dating Strategy – The Second Date

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Your date night strategy is definitely paying off if you make it to the 2nd date! You’ve obviously impressed your date with your charisma, personality and 1st date activity choice. Now it’s time to establish real intimacy. Romantic Dining The restaurant date is a tried and tested option.

Dating Strategy – The First Date

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Once you find yourself a hot date, it’s time to focus on your dating strategy. Whilst you can chance your luck and wing it on the night, if you’re hoping for dating success you’ll need to come up with a game plan that takes you from the initial 1st date meeting to the 3rd date […]

Identifying Positive Signs on a Date

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To be successful at dating you need to have an understanding of the language of attraction. A 1st date offers an abundance of opportunities for you to read the subtle signs that your date is giving you. On a 1st date, body language, eye-to-eye contact and mirroring can clearly indicate whether or not your date […]

Great Conversation Starters on a Date

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Good Conversation Starters It’s natural to want to impress someone you like with your personality, charm and sense of humour. If you have a hot date scheduled in your diary you’ve obviously impressed someone enough to say “yes” to your invitation. To get the conversation started you just need to be yourself. Being too confident […]