Identifying Positive Signs on a Date

To be successful at dating you need to have an understanding of the language of attraction. A 1st date offers an abundance of opportunities for you to read the subtle signs that your date is giving you.

On a 1st date, body language, eye-to-eye contact and mirroring can clearly indicate whether or not your date is into you.

The position of your date’s body can give you vital clues that show interest or lack of it. If your date is directly facing you, with arms unfolded, you have an invitation to approach. If your date is interested she will lean in towards you as you engage in conversation.

Playful and flirty behaviour are common signs that your dating strategy is working for you. Subtle and gentle physical contact to your arm or shoulder, increased eye-to-eye contact, and seductive lip licking and hair twirling, are all clear signs of attraction.

If she crosses her arms, or turns her body away from you, it’s best to back off.

Long, lingering looks and subtle seductive glances are good signs to look out for on a 1st date. If you’re sitting up close you’ll also be able to check for pupil dilation, which naturally occurs when we see something that is visually appealing or enticing.

Successful flirting involves lots of subtle movements. Besides the playful physical touch, you also need to watch out for the eyes-to-lips-to-eyes look. This fluid movement indicates interest that is more intimate.

If you’re having trouble maintaining eye-to-eye contact whilst engaging in conversation, because your date keeps looking away, it’s safe to assume that they’re just not that into you.

As the name suggests, mirroring requires subtle copying of behaviour. When two people are genuinely interested in each other they naturally start to mirror body language. As your date takes a sip of her drink, you raise your glass to your lips; as she playfully twirls her hair, you run your finger over the rim of your glass. This casual mimicking helps to create an intimate connection.

The more that your date likes you, the smaller the personal physical space between you will be. She will lean in close to whisper in your ear, or to gently brush your arm.

If your date pulls back and increases the space between you, she feels uncomfortable about you getting too close.