Dating Strategy – The First Date

Once you find yourself a hot date, it’s time to focus on your dating strategy. Whilst you can chance your luck and wing it on the night, if you’re hoping for dating success you’ll need to come up with a game plan that takes you from the initial 1st date meeting to the 3rd date and beyond!


Establishing A First Date Strategy

A date night strategy doesn’t have to be a military operation. All that you have to do is to think about, and visualise, how your ideal date will pan out. Devise a game plan that considers where you will go, what you will do, and what you will talk about. Think about your interests and your date’s, so that you can plan a date night activity that you will both enjoy. That way, even if the date isn’t the success that you had hoped for, at least you will have enjoyed the entertainment option.

If you’re a man, it’s important to make an effort to show off a gentlemanly demeanor and good manners on a 1st date. Treat your date with respect and open doors for her, offer her a seat before you sit down, and be attentive at all times.

If you’re a woman, let your date be a gentleman. Act like a lady and flatter his ego with your undivided attention.


Where To Go On 1st, 2nd And 3rd Dates

Long gone are the days when you could easily impress your date with dinner and a movie. To boost your chances of date night success you need to plan something a little more exciting and memorable. Show your date how much fun you are, by planning a 1st date activity that is special.

A great 1st date involves some type of enjoyable activity, and allows time for conversation to naturally flow without feeling under pressure to keep talking. Before you decide on where to go it’s helpful to consider your date’s interests.

The 1st Date

A 1st date offers unlimited options for entertaining and impressing your date. If you’re not wild on stepping out of your comfort zone, and you prefer to get to know your date over drinks or dinner, choose a location that does half of the work for you. There are plenty of bars, pubs and restaurants that conjure up the perfect ambience for intimate conversation. To appear expertly knowledgeable, do some research on your chosen venue so that you have some interesting facts and stories to break the ice with on the 1st date. Always choose the best location that provides good service, within your budget.

Enjoying drinks together or dining out will always be a popular dating option. If you want to stand out from the competition, suggest something a little different. Instead of dinner, opt for leisurely brunch in a stylish and trendy bistro. Brunch has a much more relaxed vibe for a 1st date than dinner in a Michelin starred restaurant.

Sipping cocktails whilst gazing into your date’s eyes is a classy way to make a good impression. Cocktail bars are also stylish places to be seen in. You can break the ice over Margaritas, and use good conversation pointers to suss out the vibe and the potential of a 2nd date.

With many upmarket and exclusive restaurants now offering multiple course taster menus, you can impress your date with a dinner invitation that is far more exciting than the usual three-course option. Over the 8+ mini courses you can discover your date’s foodie likes and dislikes.

Wine pairing and spirit tasting evenings offer a great alternative to having drinks together in the local bar or pub. Many venues offer bespoke tasting events that combine eating and drinking with a presentation and introduction to the art of the production.


Let’s Go Outside

First date activities are not limited to things that you can do together indoors. If you’re an active or outdoorsy person there are many fun options for you to explore. Some even cost nothing!

If you want to take your 1st date experience outside make sure that you check the weather forecast. Let your date know exactly what you’re planning so that she can dress appropriately. High heels and muddy fields don’t mix.

A leisurely stroll in a beautiful and historical royal park setting is a highly romantic 1st date activity. To make a good first impression you need to pick a park that has a stately home or extended grounds attached. Feeding the ducks, admiring the scenery, and learning about the horticulture, are enjoyably relaxing in the right company. You can also pack a champagne picnic.

Aquariums and zoos are excellent locations for a 1st date. If you are animal lovers you’ll both enjoy walking around the exhibits and engaging in easy conversation.


Tourist Attractions

A tourist excursion of your hometown is an awesome 1st date experience. If you live somewhere that is lacking in interesting or historical attractions, choose a place that neither of you have ever visited. You’ll be able to walk around together and enjoy the sights, smells and sounds from a tourist’s perspective.

Museums and art galleries are packed full of conversational topics that you can explore on a 1st date. You’ll learn many interesting facts as you get to know each other. You’ll also have plenty of exhibits to look at, if there is ever a lull in the conversation.

Going to see a live show is a classier alternative to sitting in the dark and watching a movie together. You can take your date to a gig, concert, West End theatre show, or a comedy club. Music events are the best choice for an easy-going, no pressure 1st date. Once you get to know your date’s music and entertainment preferences you can take them to a more upscale event like the opera or a stadium concert on a 2nd or 3rd date.

It’s best to avoid sports events, unless you know that your date is a keen fan!