Dating Pitfalls To Avoid

Whilst your dating strategy should always focus on dating success, it’s still important to consider the obvious pitfalls.

Unrealistic Expectations

Instead of looking at your date as a potential life partner, on the 1st date, choose to view your date night as an enjoyable experience, whatever the outcome. Having unrealistic expectations about achieving a happy-ever-after is a guaranteed way to be disappointed. Instead, plan a date, have fun, and enjoy the experience.

Expecting Perfection

When you’re looking for love it can be easy to fall into the trap of expecting your date to be absolutely perfect. No-one is perfect though. This includes you! Bin that checklist and be open to getting to know someone on a deeper level, before you decide anything.

Dealing With Rejection

Just because a 1st date didn’t turn into a 2nd date it doesn’t mean that you are undateable. Sometimes someone you like is just not the right person for you. It’s no big deal if you have to go on many dates, if it means that you eventually end up with the person who is perfect for you.

Not Dating Enough People

At the start of dating it’s important to keep your options open. Most people tend to date one person at a time, which results in forming an attachment way too soon. By dating more than one person, you increase your chances of finding someone that you want to spend a great deal of time with.

Going Straight To Your Place

Inviting your date back to your place on a 1st date can seriously spoil your chances of seeing them again. If you’re looking for a casual hook-up and are hoping to get lucky, it’s best to be up front and honest.