Dating Strategy – Frequency

The Ideal Frequency Of Dates

Mutual attraction and chemistry play a big part in the potential frequency of dates, especially at the initial stage. When two people hit it off, and intend to see each other again, both partners must be keen to see it through to the 2nd, 3rd and subsequent dates. Lack of effort from one person is a clear sign that it’s going to be pointless investing your time and energy in a connection that is going nowhere.

The first few dates can help you build a foundation on which romance and love can grow. To appreciate the dating experience it’s important that you treat each date as if it was the first. Not only does this maintain your interest, but it also allows you to slowly and steadily succeed at your love agenda.

Scheduling Dates

Unless your dating strategy includes scheduling dates at regular intervals, losing traction is always a possibility. At the start of dating neither of you are an integrated part of each other’s lives. This means that you can quickly be taken for granted or forgotten.

If you like someone enough to explore a potential love match you have to desire to spend time with them. How often you plan to see each other will depend on the type of connection that you want. If you’re happy for something that is casual, dating once every week to two may be enough for you. If you’re looking for a serious relationship you’re going to want to spend as much time as possible with the person that you like. After all, dating is all about getting to know someone, so that you can see how you fit into each other’s lives.