5 Reasons to Think Outside The Box When Planning a Date

At Mutual Attraction dating agency, we believe it is hugely important to make the best impression possible especially on the very first date. As such, we have compiled 5 main reasons why as matchmakers we encourage our clients to think outside the box when it comes to setting up a date.


  1. It shows you care

With Tinder and other hook-up apps becoming more popular, today’s dating environment is faster-paced than ever. An attractive person could easily arrange three or four dates every week, if they were that way inclined.

This has taken some of the spark out of asking someone out though. Women still want to be made to feel special, not like the next person you asked to the pub.

Arranging a unique date location is a great way of achieving that.


  1. They’re more likely to accept

Lots of people find first dates intimidating. Many will cancel at the last minute if they’re feeling even slightly anxious.

So, why not arrange an activity they’ll actually look forward to? This will enhance the odds of them accepting your invite – and they’ll be less likely to flake.


  1. Any silences are less awkward

If you’re sat in a cafe or a bar, there’s no stimulus other than the conversation, so any silences are immediately obvious.

That’s not how it feels when you go and do something entertaining. The breaks in conversation will seem more natural because there’s other things capturing your attention.

This relieves the pressure to talk endlessly in an effort to avoid those awkward silences.


  1. You’ll always have something to talk about

If you’re at an entertaining date venue, you’ll always have something to talk about. Just discuss what’s going on around you.

This is far easier than plucking topics out of thin air.


  1. You’ll have fun

Some people get so stressed about dating, they forget it’s supposed to be fun.

If you set up an entertaining date location, you’ll enjoy yourself, even if there isn’t that immediate special connection.

If the other person had fun too, they’re far more likely to accept that invite for a second date.


First things fist though, you have to get a date and this is where we can step in!

Our promise to you is to make your matchmaking experience one where it feels like your best friend is setting you up with someone ‘you just HAVE to meet’. We want you to feel happy, confident and enjoy dating!

We’re ready to get going, are you? We hope to hear from you soon!



The Mutual Attraction Matchmaking Team x