The Gibson

Come with us now on a journey through time and space. With the help of the classic pickled cocktail, the Gibson, and a dazzling supporting cast of over 40 highly inventive cocktails, The Gibson's menu is built around a magical calendar that transports you to different seasons in different eras.

The Gibson is a unique drinking den in London's Shoreditch that is serving up its own take on a cocktail that was supposedly created in Edwardian England - the gibson, a twist on the classic martini that swaps out an olive for a pickled onion.

Other unique concoctions worth sipping include the Voodoo Rye - pepper-infused whisky, cajun BBQ syrup, melon puree, veggie root beer, lemon and sweet basil - and the Japito - gin, tamarillo puree, herbal aperitif, tonka bean, lime, marjoram, red grape soda and popping candy. Aside from the delectable mixed drinks, The Gibson also features a small wine list, champagne and two beers from a local brewery. Bar snacks include a selection of pickles (obviously), a meat platter, cheese board, olives, nuts and mackerel pâté.

The shimmering interiors have been designed to make you feel like you are stepping through a portal into a futuristic Edwardian world where stunningly original drinks are accompanied by live music and food that has been carefully curated to complement the flavours of the drinks.

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44 Old St
Greater London
Sunday 1300 - 2230
Monday 1700 - 0100
Tuesday 1700 - 0100
Wednesday 1700 - 0100
Thursday 1700 - 0100
Friday 1700 - 0200
Saturday 1700 - 0200
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