Sherlock: The Game Is Now

Presented by Time Run, Sherlock: The Game Is Now is a brand new themed experience based on the trending escape rooms premise.

When drinks and meals run a little dry of fun, a Sherlock themed immersive experience is guaranteed to get you working together with your date to crack the mystery at hand. Featuring highly detailed sets and original content from the British Sherlock series you'll feel a sense of quality a cut above competing escape rooms in London. Clever codes, puzzles and mysteries are presented in creative ways to enable players to get a chance at solving the clues before the time runs out.

Written by the writers of Sherlock, the experience is 100 minutes long, filling the afternoon or evening nicely, leaving time for a drink afterwards to talk about the great experience you've had together. For added exclusivity and the ability to impress, the venue is top-secret and details are only released once you have purchased tickets.

The Scoop

Activity dates such as Sherlock: The Game Is Now, are an ideal choice for a first date where you're trying to get to know each other. You can't avoid discovering how you work as a couple as you solve clues and crack codes in this immersive mystery experience. At the very least you'll both have fun, and at the most, you'll have a unique first-date to talk about years down the line. As the high-quality experience can host groups from 4 to 20, this would be a great option for double dates, or with a group of friends where there's a special someone there you're trying to impress.

Set right in the heart of London, Sherlock: The Game Is Now is a fun, immersive and well-produced experience that could help you get into the heart of that special someone you like.

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Ground Floor, W12 Shopping Centre
W12 8PP
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