ABQ London

London's very own Breaking Bad-themed cocktail bar! If the end of Breaking Bad has left you feeling empty and rewatching the series on Netflix binges just isn't cutting it anymore, you may be in luck. A Breaking Bad inspired cocktail bar opened it's doors to London in July last year.

ABQ, named after Albuquerque, New Mexico - where the show is set - promises not to be like any bar you've ever visited. Situated inside an RV similar to the one where Walt and Jesse make meth in the show, the bar will be set up to look like a lab where people can "cook" up cocktails.

With an anarchic atmosphere and great music to set the tone, this is more than your average drinking session – it’s an authentic experience of thrills, laughs and plenty of booze for good measure, and now’s your chance to find out what all the fuss is about. Got to be done!

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455 Hackney Rd
Greater London
E2 9DY
Sunday 1630 - 2300
Wednesday 1730 - 0000
Thursday 1730 - 0000
Friday 1730 - 0000
Saturday 1730 - 0000
drink // unique // quirky
early days // double date // celebration // just cos
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